Fleet Services

Through the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE), the Southern California Advanced Transportation Center provides fleet operators and managers a full range of services from educational workshops and online webinars to fleet consultations and on-the-ground assistance with driver training and infrastructure site assessments.

Eco-Driving and EV Driver Training

We offer behind-the-wheel, university-certified driver training for fleets. The curriculum, developed by CSE and North Carolina State University, introduces driving behavior strategies that lead to fuel savings, increased efficiency, prolonged vehicle life and reduced emissions.

Our instructors have served hundreds of drivers with an average improvement of 17.5% in fuel economy over recorded driving behavior before training. Sessions are also available for managers so they can reinforce safe and fuel-efficient driving techniques.

Fleet Replacement Planning & Analysis

We analyze fleet composition and fuel use to recommend cost-saving strategies based on organizational priorities, capital and duty-cycle. To support fleets in achieving their emissions targets, we also evaluate fleet emissions inventories and identify opportunities to reduce annual greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions.

Workshops and Webinars

We offer quarterly workshops and webinars for fleet and facility managers to support the procurement of clean fuel technologies and their successful incorporation into fleet operations. Past topics have included Cooperative Purchasing, Electric Vehicle Charging Best Practices for Fleet & Facility Managers, Telematics and Light Duty Vehicle Utilization. Invite-only fleet manager roundtables are also organized regularly.